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Our Verdict For Ocoya

Effortlessly create and manage high-converting marketing campaigns and schedule social media posts and let AI do the copywriting for you

Best for: Small businesses, content creators, and digital agencies looking to save resources on marketing campaigns.

Many business owners don’t have the time or money to keep up with posting to multiple social media accounts and managing their online advertising to promote their products and services or update regularly their e-commerce shops. Instead of hiring a social media and marketing team to help you with these tasks, you can take control of all of these areas with Ocoya.

This guide outlines Ocoya’s basics, cool features, pricing options, and our opinion about this type of investment. We’ve taken the time to try out Ocoya and review here our likes and dislikes. Read further to learn more:

Review and Walkthrough  of Ocoya Automation Tool


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What Is Ocoya?

Ocoya is an AI-social media automation tool designed to act as an all-in-one platform to integrate multiple social media and e-commerce accounts in one place.

As of November 2021, Ocoya integrates with Buffer, Canva, Facebook, Hootsuite, Instagram, LinkedIn, Shopify, Tiktok, Twitter and WooCommerce. You can use Ocoya as a type of virtual assistant to help you simultaneously create a wide range of content, such as ads, posts and even shop category and product descriptions and schedule content updates.

Ocoya also offers a variety of analytics tools so you can better understand the types of content that work best for your industry and unique business needs.

Ocoya can even help you determine if your posted content is performing well or not and makes recommendations for improving your content. During the creation stage, it also recommends hashtags, quotes and other types of content that can improve your target audience engagement.

Features of Ocoya

Ocoya makes your social media and marketing management easier. Beyond written content creation and social media platform integration, which includes a link shortener to save post space and post calendar scheduling, it can take your advertising to the next level by helping you to generate content for your e-commerce site in the form of descriptions, captions and hashtags personalized to the images you post.

It can help you launch ad campaigns on Facebook and Tiktok and even plan your budget. It partners with GIF and image providers, including Giphy, Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash, which means you can use its editor along with these providers and Canva to personalize graphics. It also links you to numerous royalty-free videos and licensed music tracks.

Ocoya Cost and Pricing Plans

You can choose from yearly/monthly subscriptions or Ocoya Lifetime Deal (Ocoya LTD) plans across Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum tiers.

The current yearly Ocoya pricing plans break down by month between $49/€39 (Silver) to $899/€799 (Platinum). The non-subscription monthly plans range between $59/€49 (Silver) to $1099/€999 (Platinum).

Ocoya Review – Should I Buy It?

Whether you buy Ocoya depends entirely on your business needs and your budget. Ocoya is a great AI copywriter that can create content for you so that you don’t have to pay a human or write your own.

The company has plans for continuous updates as it grows. That said, beyond its e-commerce features, it lacks integration with some of the social media platforms offered by other programs. It also might not complete the copy you want as quickly as you need it because it only offers one piece of copy at a time.

Lastly, it lacks the real-time human touch. Human copywriters are more likely to check news and other sources for trending updates before they create content for someone who gave them a same-day posting deadline to guarantee that they’re not writing something irrelevant or harmful to their client’s brand that only became a negative trending topic that same day.


As you can see, there are several pros and cons to using the Ocoya AI-social media automation tool. Its potential makes it a great piece of software to keep an eye on, but you might hold off for a while before investing in it.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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Bonus #6: Step by Step Guide

In any case, you get confused or overwhelmed we are here for you. Just send us a message via live chat. Our team members will help you to resolve the issue. If needed then we can also contact the product vendor on behalf of you.

Ocoya Lifetime Deal – 10% Discount + $497 Worth Bonuses
Ocoya Lifetime Deal – 10% Discount + $497 Worth Bonuses
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